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American Cancer Society –

Home to the American Cancer Society in SL.  Monthly cancer awareness events & information, self interactive info 24/7, support groups & programs. ACS, cancer, charity, RFL, Relay For Life, survivors, fundraising, research,, Making Strides, breast cancer

Cancer is something that is very close to so many of us these days. It is directly connected to me personally through my Mother, Father and Aunt all having had a variation of it over the years. Thankfully 2 out of 3 survived the treatment but my aunt was not so lucky.

The American Cancer Society offers hope to sufferers of this often fatal disease, the ACS in Second Life offers education/awareness programs and aims to unite survivors and caregivers. Residents can also visit Anatomica, which examines the key player in the body’s immune system: the white blood cell.

The ACS needs public help to continue fighting this disease and to help look after those both going through treatment, those who have survived treatment and to the families of those unlucky enough to lose that fight.

The ACS in SL provides a very beautiful SIM where you can find out more about what the ACS does, donate to the cause and also visit a remembrance garden to those who have lost the fight. You can add to this wall by request and give yourself somewhere in SL that everybody can go to and pay their respects with flowers that will also benefit the ACS as they will receive the linden cost of the flowers.

Do please visit this sim and donate to the charity in any way you can do. Together we can fight this and together we can win that fight eventually.

American Cancer Society Website Donate to the ACS

American Cancer Society Website Donate to the ACS

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