The Ambrosia Entertainment Group

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The AEG holds a special place in my heart. Both SL and RL are both what they are thanks to the AEG. I met my wife in both worlds (the ever beautiful DJ Lynn Wylder) on a visit to Rez one glorious evening in December 2010 and I`ve never been away from the clubs since. They are always welcoming and have some amazing DJs playing music for you and many will make you laugh and/or cry with their chat and observations.

The Ambrosia Entertainment Group consists of – Ambrosia (Mainstream & Dance), Rez (Alternative & Dance), Grind (Romantic), Bad (80’s and 90’s) and Cooter’s Country (Country).

With 5 clubs, there is always somewhere in the group to suit your musical tastes, from live mixing DJs at Ambrosia to easy listening and romantic music for you and your special somebody at Grind.

Most of the clubs will hold special events & parties from time to time so when you land, join the club groups to be kept up to date with the latest news and events, or visit their website (link below).

All clubs share a joint VIP group where for $300L, you can LM to the backstage areas of all clubs and save yourself the walk there. for a small amount of linden it is a great way to land almost directly inside the clubs 🙂

I do strongly suggest checking these clubs out if you like and enjoy music and having fun. Whoever is on the mic or concierging at the time will make you feel welcome and if you don`t like the music there, you have 4 other choices to enjoy 😀

Cavey Charlesworth,

The Ambrosia Entertainment Group is comprised of five entertainment and fashion venues located within the world of Second Life.

Founded in December of 2006 by Phil Kearny, it began with Ambrosia Dance Club, later was joined by Rez Nightclub, then Grind Modern Romance, then Bad, totally rad joined the group with its mixture of 80s and 90s music and finally Club Five completed the mix.

Each club provides a unique, comfortable environment for people to meet, exchange ideas, dance, shop and generally enjoy themselves. Featuring the finest entertainment to be found in the virtual world. The staff at all five venues will ensure your entertainment experience is one you will remember and come back for time and time again.

There are live mixing DJs, Dance DJs, alternative DJs and all manner of other interesting styles of music presentation. Ambrosia and Rez will always have a live DJ playing, while the other 3 clubs alternate between liv e DJs and radio fill ins inbetween them.

Their club rules are simple – Don’t Be Annoying.”

Visit the AEG Website

Ambrosia Dance Club
Ambrosia Dance Club
See on map   Visit in Second Life   View DJ Calendar

Rez Nightclub and Mall
Rez Nightclub and Mall
See on map   Visit in Second Life   View DJ Calendar

Bad, Totally Rad
Bad Totally Rad
See on map   Visit in Second Life   View DJ Calendar

Grind, Modern Romance
Grind Modern Romance
See on map   Visit in Second Life   View DJ Calendar

Cooter’s Country

See on map   Visit in Second Life   View DJ Calendar


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