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Scoop Motors –

I first came across this sim while investigating the debra charity and visiting its satellite office on this sim (to read more about the debra charity and the EB disease, read my other blog article).

Scoop motors is home to the Demonic Blackhearts MC and the Wayward Angels MC and they both have clubhouses on the SIM. And while the whole SIM is open and unrestricted to the public, the clubhouses are offlimits during club meetings. Please respect the clubs and I would personally say that if you are not a member of the club, to not go into the 2 club areas. They are clearly marked and so hard to miss 🙂

The SIM also has a number of stores, and has stores for rent:

We have stores for rent 50 prim @ 200l a wk and 25 prim @ 100l a week, we also have rental units fully furnished and 3 teirs high at 600l a wk with 100 prim.

There is a concert area, demolition derby, grand death auto, demolition ball, paint ball and laser tag (which is sim wide), big game hunting, boomtown, parking garage, zombies, adult relaxation park, child play park, battle tanks, go carts, swimming area, bowling, greedy, pool cards against humanity and club for events.

To me, the biggest draw of this SIM and the thing that will almost certainly have me coming back again and again is the 1,000+ meters of roadway!! This thing goes on for a loooooong way. It travels up into the sky and passes a number of points of interest on the way up, including the 2 MC club areas. At the top of the road are TWO timing tracks for you to race on,they even thought of putting a car/bike parking area next to the start lol. The top area will keep you amused for a long time and it took me almost 15 minutes to ride down to the bottom of the race tracks!!

The pictures really don`t do the size of this road network justice so I do strongly urge you to check it out and take a ride/drive up and away. You can rez your own bike/car/etc and have fun with your friends. Challenge them to a race round 1 of the 2 tracks in the sky, or just hang out and have fun.

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This really is a great SIM to keep yourself amused for a while and definitely worth a visit to see.

They are a proud supporter of the debra charity and have one of the satellite offices on SIM for you to donate, buy items for sale to benefit the charity’s fundraising. Epidermolysis Bullosa (the EB of dEBra) is known as “The Worst Disease You’ve Never Heard Of.™” and it needs all the help it can get to raise awareness for those that suffer from it, so head over, boost the charit y and have some fun while you are there.

Scoop Motors –

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