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H220, KSA Atlantis –

By its own description a H22O is semi-submerged, rainy and dark landscape open for exploration and photography. “Never run in the rain with your socks on”

I saw it on the SL loading screen and decided it was worth a visit… It is another SIM that I feel would benefit from some sort of music or tunes while you wander about but it does look good.

The landing area for the SIM is up in the sky and you have th crawl through a pipe to get down to the ground level where the actual SIM itself really is.

I do like the rain effect that is constant in the semi gloom theme as it adds to the semi eerie feeling they I think were trying to go for.

It has various separate items  dotted around the ground level, all under just enough water to paddle through as you walk between them.

As I mentioned above, the only thing that I didn`t like as much was that it was so quiet… Some atmospheric music or effects would have added to the overall theme nicely I feel but overall I did like how it looked and felt as I was walking about in the rain and occasional lightening 🙂

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H220, KSA Atlantis –

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