AEG opens new country club – Cooter’s Country

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Cooter’s Country –

The Ambrosia Entertainment Group expanded its musical domination of SL with a new club in its mighty arsenal with its FIFTH club – a new country music club – Cooter’s Country!

On the same SIM as its Bad! Totally Rad club, Cooter’s Country is now open for business with live DJs playing regularly and a great look and feel to it.

GridSLife was at the grand opening of the club last night (05/24/2014) and had a blast with the country tunes and danced the event away on the line dancing pads.

If you like country, get yourself down to Cooter’s Country and check it out.  And check out for the calendar of who is on and when at the club (when there are more regular Djs, currently it is still listing Club Five which is the former 5th club in the group).

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Cooter’s Country –

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